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by fans  for fans


We Go Deeper into The Stories 

We understand the desire to inhabit a story in every possible way. As fans, if we could, we would step right in and live in those stories! It’s what makes us fans.

Our team is made up of talented fans who are a joyfully obsessed crew of Rebel Toy Executives, Emmy-winning creators, Gamers, and play Innovators who have gathered to create play products that send you deeper into the stories and games you love.  


You're Fans, We're Fans, and Fans Know What They Want 

For far too long, the play industry has prioritized profit over fans. Too many non-fan opinions have been deciding what becomes your play products. We’ve cleared the room so it’s just us and you - because it's your voice that's important. We obsess about creating the play and gaming that you dream about because, well, it’s what we’ve always wanted too.

We're all about re-inventing the system and rethinking how things are done. That's why we're a Direct-to-Fan company and don't sell through retail. By selling direct-to-YOU, we cut the middlemen, added costs, and the non-fan requirements. We imagine and invent the product from start to finish, so that you get more technology, more innovation, and a much deeper experience. 

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Changing Everything about How it’s Done 


Innovative, Immersive, Story Play is Our North Star 

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