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Huge Play is proud to announce the debut of our first product...
the World’s First Audio-animatronic, Smart Game Gear.

This revolutionary gaming product fuses the worlds of gaming, interactive devices and play, with

your favorite character, Talking Tom®. Driven by a highly sophisticated A.I. brain, your GAMEBUD™ connects to Talking Tom® mobile games in real-time, bringing Tom to life as a hilarious companion and live-streamer to your gaming universe!


Your gaming will never be the same, once you've had GAMEBUD™ Talking Tom® as your best bud and sidekick. In-game, he comments, yelps, laughs, and cheers all the moves you make, all while offering useful tips to enhance your gameplay.  When your gaming stops, pair him to the GAMEBUD™ app and watch him perform hundreds of sharable-routines! He can even understand what you're saying and can carry-on hours of hilarious, notoriously Talking Tom® conversations.

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Our Partners on GAMEBUD™ Talking Tom

Home of Talking Tom and Friends! 


North American Licensing 

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